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What Leprechauns tell you at night in ICU: Talking with Bruce Eccles

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Since 1984, Bruce Eccles has Eccles Auto Service in Dundas, Ontario, Canada. He's been my mechanic for better than 20 years.

Since 1984, Bruce Eccles has Eccles Auto Service in Dundas, Ontario, Canada. He's been my mechanic for better than 20 years.

By Mike Ulmer, Owner, Radio U

Bruce Eccles owns Eccles Auto Service, a string of garages in Dundas, Ontario, Canada.

He is a fabulous businessman, a great family guy and my mechanic for better than 20 years.

Since 1984,  Eccles Auto Service has delivered great work at a great price.

Fuelled by an encounter with an unscrupulous mechanic, Bruce built his business around one word: trust.

Bruce's life changed profoundly on October 7, 2010, when a driver pulled out of his driveway a few feet in front of Bruce's motorcycle.

Bruce was going about 40 KMH when he smashed into the side of the car. He was flung off the car windshield and headfirst onto the road.

The impact broke his  neck but miraculously, after three months in hospital and five operations, Bruce walks easily and talks even more easily. One of the most vivid memories of his stay in intensive care were visits from Leprechauns, the by-products of his morphine drip.

In mythology, the Leprechaun grants three wishes. Bruce lived and regained the ability to walk. This podcast takes a look at the third wish.

Bruce found the team he had in place operated his garages superbly. He was now free to enjoy his life, his work, and his family in new measures.

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